Woodstock Music Festival- Experience the Magic of Music and a Local Stage

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The Site of Woodstock Music Festival is located in Bethel Woods, Maine and is one of the largest music festivals in the world. This unique and amazing music festival is held for ten days in early August in early September. It is hosted by the band Smiffy Thompson and features a variety of bands from around the world. Most of the performers at the site of the Woodstock music festival come from New England as well as several other locations in the U.S. A few artists that are featured on several of the Festival sites are Sufjan Stevens, Portugal. The Man, Steely Dan, The Roots, Kurt Vile and many more.

An Overview

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The Location Of The Site of Woodstock Music Festival is in Bethel Woods, Maine. The town of Bethel Woods is located about twenty minutes North of Bangor and about half an hour South of Portland. The area that makes up this small town includes Livingstone, Polegro, and some parts of Oak Bluffs. The area is known for its very high quality of life, great outdoor living, and a lot of down-time.

Sullivan County is the area where you will find the largest concentration of visitors to the Site of Woodstock Music Festival. Sullivan County is located on the Eastern edge of New Hampshire and it is bordered by three other counties – Barrington, Franklin and Hancock. Sullivan County is one of the fastest growing counties in the state of Maine and it has a lot of beautiful land for residents to enjoy. Some of the highlights of living in Sullivan County include.

The Two Famous Fishes of Sullivan County

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 One of the most famous things to do in Sullivan County is to fish. Sullivan County is home to some great fishing lakes, including Lake Of The Pharaohs and Lake Waconka. Lake Waconka boasts twenty different species of bass, including a couple dozen spotted bass, several walleye, and several bluegill. If you are interested in fly-fishing, then the Sullivan Lake is the place for you. Located just off Sullivan County Ny, the lake offers over sixty miles of great fly fishing spots, including a thirty-mile-long channel and over fifteen miles of rivers.

The Area Offers Music Festivals

The area is home to two major music festivals, the Suwannee Music Festival and the Maine Arts Festival. The Suwannee Music Festival is held every August in Rockland, Maine. This festival features local musicians playing music ranging from blues to reggae. The Maine Arts Festival is held each June in Bangor, Maine.

Suitable lodging is available near both of these festivals. In addition, Suwannee has many great hiking and biking trails. Both of these festivals are family oriented. Many of the performers at the Suwannee Music Festival are kids of the older generation. For this reason, accommodations close by are not only easy to find, but also cheap.

While there are many things to see and do in the area, perhaps the best part of these festivals is the food! The food offered by Suwannee restaurants is second to none. Each week, a different restaurant will offer an entire series of special dishes that are sure to please the most discerning tastes.

It is easy to see why the Site of Woodstock Music Festival is a popular attraction among visitors. Anyone who is traveling to Maine for a Music Festival must not forget to stop by the Site of Woodstock Music Festival. While it may not be the biggest music festival in the area, it is one of the most memorable.

Special Features 

While the Festival is held at the site of Woodstock, there is a parade that goes down Main Street each day. It is truly an amazing experience to see all of the bands and beautiful costumes as they go by on the parade. You will also get to witness the many musical acts during the festival. As the festival progresses, the sounds of marching bands, choirs, trombonists, and bands of other types will fill the air along with the strains of drums and other sounds of nature.

One of the highlights of the festival is the Kidzone stage where little ones can get up on a stage and perform for their parents. Of course, you can always find other activities to do while at the Festival. If you are looking for some fresh air along with great entertainment, this is definitely the place to be. For the more energetic children, they can party along the grassy area behind the Kid Zone stage.


When the Woodstock Music Festival ends, you will be able to enjoy fine foods and drinks at one of the many restaurants located along the main street. You can get great food from local restaurants and even grab an ice cream treat from one of the ice cream shops in the Woodstock neighborhood. This is a wonderful way to end the Woodstock Music Festival and an excellent way to experience what a music festival can be to everyone.

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