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Woodstock Festival Music 2020

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The Woodstock ’69 was seen as a defining event for the sixties’ counterculture movement. More than fifty years later, people are still talking about this historical event while some even started signing petitions online to push for a Woodstock Festival Music 2020. Whether people are getting a return of this historical music event or not, anyone who’ve been into the music scene for most of their lives has the first Woodstock to serve as their standard for a fantastic and truly engaging concert experience.

Woodstock ’69

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Also known as Woodstock Rock Festival, the first Woodstock was held on August 15 to 18, 1969, at a dairy farm in Bethel, New York. The festival, promoted as three days of peace and music, attracted more than 400,000 audiences. Thirty-two acts performed outdoors under the sporadic rain.

With more people coming in as expected, it was beyond uncomfortable for many goers as they had to endure rains, share food, alcohol, and drugs, and even stay in muddy and sodden tents. People had to park their cars miles away from the actual venue because the roads were already blocked.

Despite all these unexpected downturns, people from nearby communities gave out food and blankets to the festival-goers in a warming gesture of support and solidarity. Eventually, everyone on the venue heard of this beautiful turn of events, and they kept up the kindness, friendship, and positive vibes through the entire event. This experience was definitely something nobody would expect in a music festival and it is understandable why people are looking for a 2020 version.


Some of the most notable acts were UK icons The Who, in an hour-long delirium-inducing, 5 AM performance of their hits; Janis Joplin, who took the stage at 2 AM with her whole choice set including a brass section; and Carlos Santana, an unknown young guitarist whose performance turned him into an overnight success. Jimi Hendrix also gave his most iconic live performance with the rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner,” which, for many, reflected the problems and social change witnessed in the most idealistic decade.

Woodstock Anniversaries

Anniversaries of this iconic event were celebrated through other Woodstock festivals in 1979, ’89, ’94, ’99, and 2009 but none was as successful as the one in ’69. A recent plan to commemorate the 50th anniversary in 2019 was canceled due to several unforeseen circumstances. The festival had already paid their performers in advance as they were waiting to see if the event would push through. Unfortunately, 2019 has passed and people are yet to see it come into fruition. Hopefully, if there will be a Woodstock Festival Music 2020, performances from Woodstock legacies and younger artists will make up for the years of waiting.

Woodstock, in 1969, despite the many mishaps before and during the three-day event, was an inspiring example of how a massive event can touch lives and express passions for social change. It is probably why younger generations longed to have something similar, like a Woodstock Festival Music 2020, to happen.

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