Woodstock Festival 2020 Tickets Refunded

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The promoters of Woodstock faced a whole battle between local people who wanted to end the festival during the months leading up to the festival. While a community of creative, idealist people had been home in the village of Woodstock, New York since the beginning of the 20th century, a number of residents of the older generation thought the young hippies to be slack, often even violent.

The village passed decrees that targeted habits such as shirtlessness, public alcohol use and loitering over the years. The Village Board passed a number of rules, when it was reported that a music festival was scheduled, that effectively halted the prospects of the festival in Wallkill.

About Woodstock Music and Art

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Almost straight away, after Woodstock and Wallkill, New York, refused permission to perform it, the festival started to fade. (However, because of the town hipness of Bob Dylan and many other performers, who had been retreating from the turn of the century on, the term Woodstock has been retained) Farmer Max Yasgur finally put his land at the festival. Few tickets have been sold, but about four hundred thousand people have appeared, mainly requesting free access, due to the virtues of lack of security.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, Bethel Woods Arts Center has cancelled its pavilion concerts in 2020.

The announcement followed the cancelling of a number of individual concerts, including exhibits of Bob Dylan, Zac Broken Band, Norah Jones, Brad Paisley and Journey with The Pretenders, at Sullivan County that once hosted Woodstock Music and Art Fair, in 1969. In addition, festivals KFEST and Mountain Jam have been cancelled.

Some of the gigs in Bethel Woods in 2020 have been delayed rather than cancelled, and James Taylor and Jackson Browne have been replaced by a single bill for July 2.

“I know that is deeply disillusioning information to all those of us who share 14 summers of concerts with our friends and family, faithful fans, participants, supporters and visitors,” said Bethel Woods CEO Eric Frances in a press release. “However, we cannot provide the premium experience which is now the tradition of Bethel Woods to our guests safely and in good faith.”

Bethel Woods announced celebration of the festival’s 50th anniversary in 2019

Public meetings restrictions have been imposed due to the pandemic and have stifled the live music industry in the city. Venues that include Poughkeepsie’s Opera House in 1869, Pawling’s House and Woodstock’s Bearsville Theater have joined together to raise money and finance for the National Independent Venue Association.

Bethel Woods is a non-profit cultural centre located on the premises of a half million people during the Woodstock Festival in August 1969. The announcement came after the celebration of the festival’s 50th anniversary in 2019, where thousands flocked to Sullivan County.

Considered by many to be the crowning accomplishment of the counterculture of the 1960s, Woodstock performed on a roster of concerts that included Jimi Hendrix, Santana, The Who, Arlo Guthrie, Creedence Clearwater Revival and Joe Cocker for several days.

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Bethel WOODS celebrated Woodstock’s 4-day 50th Anniversary with concerts including the Clearwater Revival of Guthrie, Ringo Starr, Santana and John Fogerty.

In the same way as other attractions in Bethel Woods will open in 2020, according to a recent press communiqué, the Event Gallery, the Aquarium and a new outdoor Virtual Reality Tour.

Ticket holders, affiliates and seasonal golf course holders may donate tickets or memberships to Bethel Woods for cancelled shows; postpone the benefit to 2021 concerts, memberships or seasonal golf courses; or earn a full refund.

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