What Was the Hippie Movement

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What was the Hippie Movement? It was a peaceful, if controversial, revolution in flower power. The Hippie movement began as a young counterculture movement in the United States in the late 1960s and evolved internationally over the next few decades. In this article we’ll look at what was the Hippie Movement, the vision of Hippies, and how it influenced people around the world.

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Hippies: Hippies were a group of people who were very relaxed, happy, anti-intellectual and spiritual. They were called Hippies because they lived in houses, shopped at stores, slept in beds, and ate vegetables. Most of the time they did not wear any clothes and they lived without religion or government control. Some of them joined the FBI, others made deals with the CIA, and still others made their living by being illegal merchants. Many of them traveled to countries like Cuba, Vietnam, and India to promote the revolutionary ideals of Hippie. Some of them were arrested, and while in prison, some died in prison, others turned in their bodies to be burned alive.

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The Hippie movement had a major effect on the music, clothing, and art that were emerging at the time. People like Mae West and Bob Dylan were influenced by the movement. In addition, they made several records that are considered to be among the very best that came out at that time. In fact, many of their recordings were banned by the authorities, and they were forced to leave the country. During this period, they would travel to Mexico, Cuba, and other places to make their political statements, and they made a style of music that still resonates today.

Music: Hippies used many different instruments, including the electric guitar, the sitar, and the drums. A lot of their music was based around the blues. It was an underground type of music, and not many people knew about it at first. As time progressed, as more people became interested, it became popular with everyone, especially with the younger generation.

Marijuana: The flower marijuana is associated with hippies. Because marijuana has a high concentration of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, which is also found in cannabis, it was often used as a way to relax and counteract the stress of being part of the movement. Though marijuana is not generally seen as a drug, it was widely used during this time period as well.

Shoes: Hippies were known for their flashy shoes. The jester shoes were a big hit during this time, and many people thought it was pretty cool to wear them. T-shirts, long hair, and jeans were all part of the hippie look.

Hats: Hippies did wear hats, though not as much as modern people. Instead of wearing a hat that said, “Hippie,” they would just wear a bandanna. They would also commonly wear bandannas. One popular accessory was a peace sign tattoo. People from all over the world would get the tattoos inked onto their skin. The reasoning was that they wanted to demonstrate their opposition to nuclear weapons, but the symbolism is similar to what happens when you raise your fist in the air.

Though the hippie movement has become a part of American culture, many people are unaware of its history. Thanks to recent documentaries, we can finally see what the hippie movement was all about. We can also see where it started, and how it evolved. Even if you never want to admit that you’re part of the hippie movement, watching the documentary will show you why you should consider it. Watching what was the hippie movement can be a very enlightening experience.

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