What To Expect At The Woodstock Music And Arts Festival

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Woodstock was an annual music festival held in August 1969 on the dairy farm of Max Yasgur outside Bethel, New York, about 40 miles from Woodstock, New York. Organized by the singer and musician Bob Dylan, it was billed as a free outdoor concert. It featured artists from all over the United States. Bands like Bob Dylan, the Rolling Stones, Cream, The Beatles, The Who, and others played, along with many other artists.

What Is Woodstock Music And Art Festival?

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The Woodstock Music and Art Festival were intended to protest against what some perceived to be the excessive use of force by the American government in the civil rights movement and anti-war demonstrations. Speakers at the rally included Martin Luther King, Martin Luther McEwen, and numerous other civil rights and progressive leaders from other nations. The concert, which was initially scheduled for two weeks, was canceled after just one day when word got out that marijuana would be sold at the Woodstock music and art festival. Marijuana was and still is illegal at the United States national capital, and police maintained a tight security presence at the site.

Why Is This Art Festival Quite Popular?

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The sustainability of the Woodstock Music and Art Festival is perhaps one of its greatest charms. For every green product used in the festival’s production, there are several beneficiaries in the green community, farmers and landowners. The proceeds of each green item sold help to maintain the farm and create jobs for local people. On the heels of this success is the fact that marijuana is not even illegal anymore in the state of New York. Although marijuana is still illegal on the federal level, many people are starting to use it socially, and as a result, laws are becoming lenient toward certain cannabis products.

What You Can Expect From This Art Festival?

For people who are planning on staying in the area of Bethel during the festival, the Woodstock Music and Arts Festival provides entertainment every day. You will find a variety of live bands and DJs who perform throughout the weekend and performances by local artists and musicians. There are also various workshops offered by local businesses and organizations that provide helpful advice to those in need of self-confidence, self-esteem, and a sense of adventure. This is a perfect opportunity for you and your friends and family to experience a weekend filled with fun and excitement, all while being educated about a region of our society that is less than politically correct and filled with people who share your same values. By combining the beauty of the setting with some of Maine’s finest festivals, you will find a weekend that will be remembered for years to come.

Final Thoughts

Another thing you should know before heading to the Woodstock Music and Arts Festival in 1969 is that you are not only going to be in the thick of some interesting musical acts but you will also be surrounded by beautiful scenery that will take your breath away. One particular scene that has become synonymous with the Woodstock Music and Arts Festival is the view from Bethel. The setting is the beautiful Concrete Bluff. As you travel around through the wooded area, you will see an abundance of nature scenes reminiscent of the New England mountains. You will see river rocks, moss-covered trees, as well as creeks, and a deep ravine running through the middle of the natural landscape.

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