What Is the New Hippie Movement

new hippie movement

The New Hippie Movement, also known as the Hippie Family, was a protest against the more “rebel” elements of the Civil Rights movement. A small group of hippies would travel from school to school, wearing clothing similar to that worn by civil rights leaders. The clothing they wore was very “free-flowing,” with loose and comfortable designs on the sides, with tight and form-fitting on the tops. Their main goal, according to their beliefs, was to bring together all the tribes of the earth under one cause: “Hippie Satire.”

The music they played was free-flowing guitar rock, folk, rhythm and blues, and some more unusual types of music. They would play it at local churches, college campuses, laundromats, restaurants, coffee shops, swap meets, shopping malls, and anywhere else people would listen. By putting so much energy into coming up with new and interesting music, it seems they were doing what the civil rights leaders were trying to do, but even better.

New Hippie Movement

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In fact, many on the early Hippie Weekend Tours where other individuals who shared their beliefs joined in for the music and the fellowship. Some of these people were famous such as Robert F. Kennedy, John Lennon, and Allen Ginsberg. Many of them became very popular, and their music is still popular today.

The original “hippie” was John Lennon. He and others made” Abbey Road” a hit and made” Beatles-related” music. Allen Ginsberg and others went on to write famous books about spirituality and meditation, and their music and poetry have been used as well. Others have tried their hand at making music but to no avail. No doubt, this was a tough time for the New Hippie Movement, as many did not realize how important music could be.

But despite the negativity, there are many positive aspects of this period in history. Everyone is free to express his or her own individualism, and everyone is free to make whatever music they want. There is no censorship in music. People can use any creativity they wish, and that includes musical talent.

A Much Ado

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The New Hippie Movement was also an environmentalist period. There was a strong emphasis on caring for nature. Everyone was interested in protecting the environment, so musicians and poets were especially in demand. And everyone wanted to go green too! It was a beautiful time in history, and hippie art and music have never really gone out of style.

During this time, many musicians decided to get into the music industry. Some of them were quite good, while others failed. But that was just part of the fun of being a hippie. There were no major labels, and most of the music was homemade. If you lived in a city, chances are there was at least one hippie hanging around.

The New Hippie Movement gave America another great musical gift. And the musical gift still continues. Today, it is still possible to hear some of the older music in clubs and concerts. And you will still see some of the newest music on the radio. And hippie clothing and art are still popular.

Why has the New Hippie Movement become such a big deal today? What made the New Hippie Movement such a success? Well, perhaps one of the greatest contributors is the music. When hippies first started going to concerts, they were really freaky. People didn’t know what to do. And they certainly didn’t have the popularity that they have today.

In San Francisco, the flower girl dress was very popular, along with the hair and the hemp garments. But there was a certain appeal that came from the freaky side of the hippie. The flower girl dress symbolized the new generation of hippies. Many children became fans of the band. And this helped to solidify their place in history.

Bottom Line

Today, the New Hippie Movement is more about peace and spirituality. It is about peace, and understanding, and tolerance. It’s about respecting other people’s beliefs and not forcing our own beliefs on anyone else. Many kids are now involved in this new hippie subculture. And it seems to be spreading across the country.

So what does the New Hippie Movement have to offer the world? I think it’s pretty awesome! It is a refreshing look at an age-long tradition that has always been there and is only now getting a new spotlight. I hope to see more kids involved with this exciting and unique subculture.

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