What Is The Difference Between Hippies And Counterculture

hippies and counterculture

Hippies and the counterculture shared a similar political philosophy. However, their political ideas were slightly different. The hippies generally believed in freedom and civil rights for all people. They did not particularly care about religion or being “right”.

Rejection Of Traditional Norms In Society

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The primary characteristic of hippies and the counterculture was the rejection of traditional norms in society. Full bodied people, long hair and peace signs were the most identified characteristics of both hippies and counterculture, regardless of race and class. Many young people identify with these characters because they had a desire to be free from the traditional rules of society. Some people associate hippies and the counterculture because of their willingness to wear long hair and use clothes that were outside the traditional clothing styles of their time.

Hippies generally lived in communes or small houses in rural areas. They engaged in gardening, pottery and, in general, enjoyed life to the fullest. On the other hand, counterculture were urban people who wore clothes and accessories that represented hip hop culture, rock bands and other popular music forms. The counterculture usually came and went with the popularity of popular music styles. They still retained their independent ideals even when popular culture was in decline.

Major Difference Between Hippies And Counterculture

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Unlike the hippies, the average person in middle-class society also had their beliefs about religion, government and society. The hippies would have considered their attire to be outrageous and rebellious. However, in middle-class society, people considered fashionable and casual long hair to be chic and desirable.

The major difference between hippies and counterculture is that hippies wore all black, while counterculture members wore clothing and accessories with statements on it, like eye patches, funky haircuts and bandannas. The hippies were very different from counterculture in that they were willing to engage in illegal activities. Whereas the counterculture didn’t really engage in any illegal activities but rather made statements and held events without any sort of permits, hippies would engage in criminal activities like breaking bricks, trespassing. The only thing the hippies did not do was smoke marijuana or ingest hashish. However, they still believed in their cause and believed in freedom and liberty.

Both Hippies And Counterculture Had A Common Enemy

Both hippies and counterculture had a common enemy – the rich and the powerful who controlled much of what was happening in the world. Therefore, they both tried to target those in power. Their differences started when the people in power tried to silence them by beating or torturing them. In addition, hippies and counterculture also fought with each other because they did not believe in following the crowd.

Although there are similarities between hippies and the religious right, they differ in many ways. For instance, the religious right tries to recruit people through recruiting tours and distributing Bibles and pamphlets with their anti-gay messages. While hippies would engage in free expression by setting fire to marijuana joints or starting their own pot parties. The two have also used different ways of getting media attention. While hippies would hitch rides on cars and distribute literature at highway stops, the Christians and the purists have created media entities such as radio stations and TV shows. While hippies would set up free concerts, the Christians have built huge churches with huge spaces for holding church services.

Summing Up

Both hippies and the religious right have had their fair share of supporters. However, the difference lies in the goals of both these groups. While hippies wanted to peacefully make changes, the religious right wanted to bring back the law of God and force their fellow Christians to follow them. In the end, it was the God-haters who lost the battle, and so do Christians who continue to fight today. So if you are a true Christian, I recommend that you look into both sides of this countercultural clash and see what you come up with!

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