What is an Anti-Hippie Movement

anti hippie movement

The hippie movement is not only regarded as one of the greatest events in the history of the world but also one of its most influential. It is remembered today as one of the most colorful events which transpired in the early 1960s. Some people consider the movement to be a rebellion, others consider it to be a spontaneous out-of-the-blue event. No matter what your viewpoint is, it is undeniable that this particular event generated a tremendous amount of media attention, worldwide interest, and intrigue. Many people even turned out to be involved in the hippie movement simply for the excitement and to learn more about it.

Anti-Hippie Movement

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Hippies were once considered to be a group of people who were “out-of-date” and “retarded.” Today however, many people consider hippies to be the most trendy and up-to-date generation of people in the 20th century. The Hippie’s clothing, in particular, has gained popularity throughout the whole world. Thanks to the efforts of this particular subculture, the whole world has become much more open and accepting of other people with alternative views.

Hippies were thought of as being a group who enjoyed unconventional thinking, dancing, and above all, unconventional lifestyles. Some people considered hippies to be a bunch of rebels who simply had a different way of thinking. However, hippies were also accused of being simpleminded and of lacking creativity. The truth, however, is that the hippie movement was the brainchild of a group of creative individuals who simply had the knack for discovering and expressing unique music.

In many ways, the early years of the hippie movement can be considered the golden era of its existence. This is because this is when many young people first encountered ideas and concepts which they could eventually use to create their own individualized and unique lifestyles. In fact, the very reason why hippies came up with the idea of the anti hippie lifestyle in the first place is because they wanted to express their freedom and their desire to enjoy life. In essence, they wanted to live the life they have always dreamed of living. This is why there are so many people who still believe in the value of free thinking and of individualism.

However, this does not mean that those who disagree with them are bad people or that they are somehow inferior human beings. There are indeed many who have gone through difficult times who have unfortunately turned to something called “Hippie”, “ivism”, or “cultural realism”. There are many well intentioned individuals who simply have an opposing point of view. It simply boils down to the point of perspective.

Many people who are in sympathy with the hippie generation consider themselves to be members of the rebel community. They believe that it is wrong for establishment society to dictate what kind of lifestyle anyone should live. The question is whether or not it is right for an establishment society to dictate what sort of lifestyle anyone should live. There are many people who think that they should be able to choose which lifestyle they want to live. However, if you ask them how they choose their lifestyle then they will probably reply with, “I don’t really know, I just choose to live that way.”

Hippies used to say things like, “It’s nice to live in a community of one, where everything is organic and free.” If only this was true. Would it be better to live in a commune with a hippie? Probably not, but this does not mean that such lifestyles are not beneficial and in fact quite healthy.

End Note

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Today, the hippie message is beginning to spread all over the world with more people wearing bands, painting their skin colors and decorating their clothes according to the newest fashions. Some say that these hippie ways of life are beginning to turn people away from their conventional, staid lives and towards the vibrant excitement of the new. However, as stated before, everyone is responsible for his or her own actions. Therefore, it will be up to each individual to make the decision on how to live his or her life according to the dictates of wisdom.

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