The Hippie Movement In San Francisco

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It is hard to find a person who didn’t experience the Hippie movement in San Francisco. When people talk about the hippie movement in the Bay Area it is usually in a negative light. However, if you are willing to look at the hippie culture in its true light you will see that it had a positive effect on many people.

Hippies In San Francisco

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First, let’s start with the weather. Hippies loved the outdoors and they were very aware of the cold and wet days of winter. Of course they had a good sense of humor too! Their concern for the environment was more than just skin deep. They were concerned with being healthy and strong and did not want to live in a world where their needs were merely pushed aside because someone else needed them.

Secondly, Hippie’s were very active in politics and religious activities. They were very politically incorrect during those times, but they were very much into their community and the things they believed in. They took part in all kinds of social issues, from political issues to religious issues, civil rights, drugs and all other social issues out there. The hippie was a free spirit who believed in living by the motto “Live and Let Live”.

Famous For Fashion 

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Thirdly, Hippies were famous for their fashion sense. In those days hippies were not only fashionable but also smart. You could always tell a hippie by the clothes he or she was wearing. If they were dressed in leather, beads and an overall laid back look then you knew they were a hippie.

Fourth, Hippies loved to party. Everyone from the old folks to the teenagers drank beer and listened to the music being played by the bands. The music was mostly about peace, love and happiness. There was nothing in the music in general that was offensive to any one group or individual. This was one of the many reasons why hippies were so welcome and popular with most people.

Always Enjoy What They Did

Lastly, Hippies were just fun. They enjoyed what they did and made sure they were around other people who enjoyed the same things as them. For example, if someone in the hippie movement was going to go somewhere it was usually to other places like the East Bay. This way they could meet other people who also had a hippie attitude. There was a lot of camaraderie among hippies.

When the flower power arrived in the sixties and seventies, the hippie movement in San Francisco really began to take off. The city really took on a new attitude to the hippie movement. Even the police station there was changed from a dirty and grungy building into a nice and cozy old Victorian style police station. People came out of the wood works to set up camps wherever they could. This new spirit of hippie chic really began to take hold in the city.

Final Words

They formed what is now known as the Haight Ashbury District. It is basically a row of hippie shacks. In San Francisco, you can still see many of the original squats there. You can also experience the beauty of San Francisco’s Chinatown from one of the many Haight ashbury apartments.

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