Some Interesting Facts That Woodstock Festival Pictures Tell

woodstock festival pictures

Woodstock has been recorded as one of the most famous concerts that have ever been held on the planet. Set on the timeline of the Vietnam War, the festival hosted majestic performances by some of the biggest names of the time. Also, there was no limitation to the artists based on border and region and for the crowd as well. However, because of this, the event that ran successfully as a legendary one for days became a disaster in the end. Here are some of the fascinating stories and facts that Woodstock festival pictures tell.

Woodstock Festival Pictures Tell It Was Held On A Farm

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The initial estimates and plans for the Woodstock festival never went as such. The place that was decided to be hosting the event wasn’t spacious enough for the target. Therefore, the organizers had to move the event to a farm where more than double the expectation or about four hundred thousand people attended it. The farm belonged to Max Yasgur’s dairy in the region of Bethel, New York. The festival was itself able to create a whole different city in terms of population, all the while it ran during the period.

The Rumors And Their Effect

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During the early days of the festival, there were great rumors that the fab four, which were an official tribute to the Beatles, or the Beatles themselves will be performing in the event. This was certainly a great move for the marketing as well, despite the genre of Beatles being opposite to that of the event. Despite this, there was a huge surge in the crowd at the place. However, even when the organizers sent an invite, both were unable to come as they were busy recording in Europe. This resulted in a huge disappointment amongst the eager fans which can be seen in Woodstock festival pictures.

Woodstock Festival Pictures Tell Why It Was Announced As A Disaster Area

The festival of Woodstock started as a formal and ticketed event and was sophisticated enough as such. However, it subsequently attracted a huge crowd and it put such pressure on the organizers to declare further entries free. But this didn’t help as the lack of toilets and medical facilities along with the food was taking a toll on the event. To make matters even worse there was rain and everything became muddy for the rest of the time. This induced panic and crime in the region making the region a disaster zone.

The Final Performance

Woodstock festival pictures are a great account of the final and great performance by Jimmy Hendrix. However, by the time he took charge of the stage, almost half of the crowd had gone by. He ended the performance with his version of American Anthem by the Banner of Star Spangled. It was a comment on the theme of US politics at that time.


There are very rare great events from the past that have been recorded in Pictures. Thankfully, the Woodstock festival is one of them. It is a great description of how legendary things collapse and become explosive in the lack of management. 

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