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The Woodstock Farm Festival is a famous annual event in Oxfordshire, England. It is the biggest traditional rural event with well over 200th anniversary of its founding. This famous celebration takes place in the beautiful fields and meadows of Woodstock, on the county boundary of Oxfordshire. In this article we will look at some of the traditional events and activities during the Woodstock Farm Festival.

An Overview

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There are many things to do in the area surrounding the area where the Woodstock Farm Festival takes place. The traditional activities that take place in the region include milking the cow, cutting the grass and feeding the goats. Farmers markets and community gatherings also take place in the vicinity. However, one of the most popular and interesting things for people to do is the Dressage Competition. Many competitors from all over the country to attend the event.

Dressage is a traditional form of dressage, which involves horses and other animals training themselves to walk, trot, jump and dance. Competitors perform a series of complex manoeuvres to demonstrate the abilities of their horses. Dressage competition was first showcased in the US at the St. Lawrence Park in New York City. Since then it has moved to all over the world, including Canada, Australia and France. Now it is taking place in most important traditional horse-riding events, such as the Woodstock Farm Festival.

Varied Competition

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The dressage competition starts at noon and is followed by a luncheon speech by the organiser, John Lewis. Special entertainment is arranged for the diners at 2pm where traditional English dishes such as King’s pie are served. At the end of the day the dressage competition is redone with two horses. The first horse to cross the line wins the competition. The winner of the competition receives gifts and praise from the judges and their friends. The day ends with a traditional English cocking-jay, traditional drink and the traditional end of night bash.

The Woodstock Farm Festival is held annually in early August when the first animals are born. This is a unique opportunity for the whole family to come together and enjoy this traditional British tradition. Farmers from all over England and Wales bring their cattle over to the farm to provide them with the best pasture and fresh air. They also bring their shepherds and horse to help with the work. You can sometimes spot local families having a picnic or a block party at the same time on the Farm.

Other Traditional Events

You will also find other traditional events during the Woodstock Farm Festival. Many local schools host activities on the Farm, which allow children to interact with each other in a safe environment. There are also traditional English performances by talented local actors. There is plenty of free entertainment during the festival, including live cricket, an afternoon of jousting, traditional farm shows, hayracks and hay drives.

During the festival you will be able to sample some authentic Witherspoon’s whiskey. Guests can have a chance to try some of the best beef in England, as well as seeing demonstrations of local arts and crafts. It’s a great chance to see the beautiful scenery that the Wetherspoon Estate has been showcasing since 18 53. In between all of the activities, the Woodstock Farm Museum offers a great selection of educational activities. Children can learn a lot about history and natural history during this short visit.


There are plenty of places you can eat during the entire festival. Besides the BBQ chicken festival, there is a farm marketplace where you can see everything from fresh farm products to local produce and more. Of course there are the traditional tasting roasts, cheese and cider, and of course there are also lots of tasty treats for dessert.

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