Love: Let’s Discuss How Hippies Fought With Love And Non-Violence

Love: Let's Discuss How Hippies Fought With Love And Non-Violence

Who Were These “Hippies” And From Where Did The Term “Hippie” Come From?

Hippies were the members of the 1960s and 1970s movement a countercultural movement. The movement started in the colleges of the United States. However, it did spread to other countries too. This movement denied the mainstream lifestyle of Americans. Hippies were the prime supporters of nonviolence and love.  

The name “hippie” comes from the word “hip,”. This word was associated with the beats of the 1950s. This movement was originally a part of the movement that was against the participation of the U.S. in the Vietnam War. However, it’s important to note that hippies were never involved in politics directly. 

Let's Discuss How Hippies Fought With Love And Non-Violence
Let’s Discuss How Hippies Fought With Love And Non-Violence

Love Was Their Motto

The famous American poets “Allen Ginsberg and Jack Kerouac” were regarded to be the precursors of hippies. These people majorly believed in non-violence. Thus, they came out with the phrase “Make love, not war,”. The famous novelist Ken Kesey was one of the most active literary people who were a part of the movement. 

Hippies also came up with the concept of open-heartedness and patience to the middle-class society which was full of restrictions. They were people with free souls and minds. Most of them were very open about their sexual relationships. Even when it came to religion, they were devotees of Lord Buddha and other Eastern religions, despite being Christians.

Hippies also used drugs for recreational purposes especially marijuana and LSD. They wanted to defend the practice of using such drugs as a method of increasing consciousness.

Music During Those Days

Music was an important part of the countercultural movement. Famous singers like Bob Dylan and bands including the Beatles, Dead, Grateful, and Rolling Stones were one of those who were closely related to the movement. There were even films like Easy Rider, which focused on the values and principles of hippies life. This movie was released in the year 1969. 

Let's Discuss How Hippies Fought With Love And Non-Violence
Let’s Discuss How Hippies Fought With Love And Non-Violence

The hippie culture became very popular in the course of time. They got a lot of attention from the media as well as the normal people. However, the biggest problem that the society had with these hippies was their public protests, which would create havoc on the streets of the town. Moreover, the parents were extremely scared that their children might get influenced by these hippies and might join them. In fact, most of the hippies were school and college drop-outs. 

The hippies were very identical to their way of dressing and the overall lifestyle was so different from the normal man. The way these hippies chose to live was not accepted in society. They wore ripped and torn jeans, jackets and shirts with bright colors, peace signs, headgears, and had long hair and beards. Hippies wanted to live their lives with freedom and abundance. 

Hope this article helps you to understand how these hippies lived their lives and what they wanted to achieve through the movement.

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