Important Hippie Movement Dates

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It was the time between the late 1960s and 1970s when the hippie counterculture started emerging. Hippie or hippy opposed the mainstream American lifestyle and showcased a new way of living.  It originated in the US but later the hippie movement spread to different parts of the world. For example, countries like Canada and Britain also saw popularity for hippie culture. If you are interested in knowing about the important events in the hippie movement history then do check out the below-given dates or pointers. 

Changes That Influenced The Hippie Movement

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The 1950s was the period when the number of events took place which further went and influenced the hippie movement. Some of the main events are the Korean War, African American Civil Rights Movement, Cuban Revolution, failed Hungarian Revolution, etc. that left a remark on hippies. In 1961, Vito Paulekas and his wife Szou brought hippie fashion into light through their boutique in Hollywood. Then there was an anti-nuclear protest in 1962 and Draft Card Burnings on May 12, 1964. 

Vietnam War And Hippie Movement 

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In September 1964, Ken Kesey who is one of the most popular countercultural figures as well as a novelist toured across the United States in a painted school bus Acid Tests. On March 17, 1965, protests against the Vietnam War arose in the US. The Vietnam war also empowered the hippie movement in many ways. The Hippie movement was at its peak during this resistance. On August 31, 1965, President Lyndon Johnson came up with a new law that made the burning of draft illegal in the country. The anti-war protests continued and the hippie community and ideals also joined in.

When The Word Called Hippie Was Introduced 

The term ‘hippie’ was first introduced on 5 September 1965. In November 1965, the early Acid Test was held in Palo Alto, California. In July 1966, hippies gathered after LSD became illegal. Then happened the Hippie Riots in November. The Walk for Love and Peace and Freedom was held on November 5, 1966. On Jan 16, 1967, the Youth International Party that is also known as ‘Yippie’ was founded. Then there was Jul 14, 1967 Summer of Love in San Francisco. The Detroit riots of Jul 24, 1967, killed 43 people. Later, the Woodstock festival was organized where 500,000 people gathered for three days of peace and love between Aug 15, 1969, and Aug 17, 1969. 


If you are interested in knowing about the important events in hippie movements then do check out. In the late 1960s, hippie culture and community were popularized. This rise brought significant changes in lifestyles as well as mindsets. There are a bunch of events that helped in shaping the hippie movement. Some of the influential events include Draft Card Burnings which later became illegal. There were protests against the Vietnam War that arose in the US. Main events like Hippie Riots, Walk for Love and Peace, and Freedom, and many more.

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