How are hippie dresses different

hippie dress

People think that hippies are people who don’t do anything about their appearance. But there is a fact against this cliche which makes the life of a hipster different from others. The dress of a person defines him/her and either makes them look attractive or unattractive. This difference will be clear when we see the difference in the dresses of hippies and others. Generally, you can easily differentiate a hipster from others by looking at his dress code. Hippie dresses are different because hipsters have their very own style statement which is not similar to the general trend followed by other people.

Generally, we can categorize hippie dress in 3 different categories:

(1) Dress code for daily use

(2) Hippie wear and accessories

(3) Alternative clothing

Daily Dressing:

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The most common dress code of hipsters is the regular dressing or casual dressing. This is because it is the dress code which people generally prefer. They wear any type of clothes that are comfy and simple for them to look elegant. Since hippies do not give much emphasis on formal dressing, they usually avoid wearing formal clothes or suits to keep their personality intact. Further, this casual style allows them to be comfortable all day long while they hang out with their friends. They prefer wearing simple T-shirts, shorts or jeans and kurtas in summer while they wear coats, jackets and sunglasses to look cool in winter. In addition to these, hippies also wear comfortable shoes made from rubber or leather which can be paired with almost any outfit.

Hippie Wear And Accessories:

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In the modern world, hippie dress has been significantly transformed from the traditional Indian culture. The hipsters prefer to wear comfortable and attractive clothes which can be worn in parties. Hipster ladies do not shy away from wearing stylish dresses while guys love to go shirtless with a pair of shorts on their waist. In addition to this, hippies also wear bags, belts or shoes which are made from leather.

Alternative Clothing:

The alternative clothing is adopted by hipsters to show their love for creativity and comfortability. They use this type of clothing on special occasions like festivals or parties. Some examples of this type of clothing are printed T-shirts with funny images on them, leggings and skirts with various prints, bright colors, bandanas, etc. Some hipsters also use this type of dressing when they want to go out without attracting attention from the people around them.

Which category is best?

Every person has their own choice which greatly affects the way they dress. Some of them are comfortable with casual dressing while some prefer to wear alternative clothing. Others love to wear hippie wear and accessories along with daily use of clothes. The best part is that everyone can choose any type of dress code they want as per their liking because there is no restriction as such.


In a nutshell, we can say that hippie dress is different from others because the dress code adopted by them is made from natural materials and is comfortable as well. In addition to this, they wear bags, belts or shoes which are eco-friendly. They avoid formal dressing and keep their personality intact by keeping the look simple yet elegant. The dress code of a hipster varies from person to person depending on his/her choice but the major factors that define them are comfortability, simplicity and eco-friendliness.

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