History Of Woodstock Hippie Movement

woodstock hippie movement

The movement was originated during the 1960s and 1970s at the countercultural movement due to the rejection of the American way of life. Woodstock hippie movement came into existence in the united states, and eventually, it spread to other countries also that includes Britain and Canada.

In 1969 in the month of April, the construction of People’s Park in Berkeley, California, attracted international attention. Then the university of California had pulled down all the buildings in the huge area, which was about 2.8-acre (11,000 m2). The main motive was to use the land for the purpose of a playing field and a parking lot. All the things keep on delaying due to which the site became the dangerous eyesore. More than a thousand students, merchants, ordinary citizens of Berkeley, and hippies took this on their shoulders and planted a huge variety of trees, herbs, shrubs, grass, and flower so that simple land can be converted into a park. Hippies got engaged in the act of civil disobedience where they plant flowers in the empty lots saying, let a thousand parks bloom. 

There was a Woodstock music and art festival in Bethel, New York, during 1969 in August, which was one of the best of hippie counterculture. More than five lakh of people gathered there to listen to the bands and musicians of that time period. Some of the prominent singers were the Grateful Dead, Richie Havens, Janis Joplin, Stills, Nash, Young, The Who, Credence Clearwater, Joan Baez, Stills, Crosby, and Jimi Hendrix.

Some Important Aspect Of Woodstock Hippie Movement

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According to the hippie, everything should be celebrated. Their public gatherings included music festivals, sometimes protests. They simply enjoy their life to the fullest. These were the crucial part of the Woodstock hippie movement. The first gathering of hippies was held in San Franciso in 1967, this three-day music festival known as Woodstock. Hippie organized and participated in various musical events at college as well as at the university level. Through these events, they used to explain the opposition of the Vietnam war. They also took part in many antiwar marches and protests. They were also involved in the development of the environmental movement. 

World’s first Earth Day was held in the year 1970. 


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We can learn a lot from the Woodstock hippie movement. They influenced many people and cultures like casual attitudes towards sex, more concern towards the environment. Hippies support love and nonviolence, and their most popular phrase is “ Make love, not war” people also name them to flower children. Hippies suggested an alternative of restrictions and regimentation, openness, and tolerance. Hippies were alienated from middle-class society, which was loaded with repression and materialism. Hippies follow a simple lifestyle. They commonly give spiritual guidance from outside resources like eastern religions and Buddhism. An integral part of their culture is folk and rock music. There is a lot you can learn from their life.

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