History of Hippie Movement

Hippie Movement


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Hippies, or people who identify as hippies, are young adults who were born in the 1980s and 1990s. Hippies are identified by their outward appearance. Hippies usually dress in bright colors and wear tie-dye shirts with flowers on them. They also have long hair, beards, and many times wear sandals on their feet. The origins of the hippie movement can be traced back to 1964 but it wasn’t until 1969 that the hippie movement started growing. This is because of an incident called “Bloody Monday” which occurred on October 22 of that year. “Bloody Monday” came about because a college student by the name of Bobby Alexander was protesting the Vietnam War. Bloody Monday occurred on October 22, 1969. “Bloody Monday” is known as this because of all the violence that took place at Kent State University in Kent, Ohio. This incident occurred because of an anti-war protest that college students were engaged in back then. The students were protesting the war in Vietnam because they believed that it was wrong for America to be involved in a foreign war effort this long. The protest back then started as peaceful, but things soon took a turn for the worse when anti-war advocate, Eric Jackson, began creating violence. This is seen through these events which involve Jackson violently pushing a policeman to the side after he was told not to interfere with a protest that was going on. After Eric Jackson pushed the police officer, the police officer tried to detain him but this is when everything got out of hand as students started protesting against the arrest of Eric Jackson. This would be labeled as “Bloody Monday” because it was the first violent protest that happened at Kent State University.

Why Was The Hippie Movement Popular

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The hippie movement was popular because it allowed young adults to express themselves in a way that was new and different. The hippie movement allowed people to be creative and free from societal norms. People who wanted to break free from societal norms joined this movement. The hippie movement was popular because it allowed people to express themselves differently. The hippie movement had no rules and guidelines which meant that people could do whatever they want, whenever they want. This made the hippie movement very attractive to young adults who were looking to be different. Society wasn’t accepting but the hippie movement was. The hippie movement saw so much growth because people wanted to do things their way, which meant being free from society’s norms and restrictions.

What Ended The Hippie Movement

The hippie movement was seen as a rebellious and non-conformist youth culture that had great appeal in the 1960s. However, it started to lose its popularity when people began associating it with drugs such as LSD. The majority of the public thought that LSD caused many adverse effects including mental illness and addiction which is why they shied away from this type of lifestyle. As more research on these types of substances was conducted, we found out about how addictive and dangerous they can be for one’s health which led to them being outlawed by governments around the world in 1971. These laws made their way into North America throughout 1972 where possession or use became illegal with harsh penalties imposed against offenders who violated the law. This would ultimately end up killing the hippie movement as more and more people began to fear it. This also caused some of those who were involved with the hippie movement to turn on each other as they saw their peace and love disappearing.

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