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60s fashion hippie

Hippies of the 1960’s were a unique breed, full of energy, love and energy for change. They gave vent to their unrestrained passion for music, art, philosophy, drugs, sex, freedom, creativity and freedom. Hippies loved to discuss their thoughts on these topics. These conversations were known as “Hippie speak,” and expressed the underground world view of how the “hippie” lived.

When you look at many 1960’s fashion hippie pictures, you see an image of peace, serenity and happiness. Many of these pictures depict people enjoying the natural beauty of the American countryside, and the peace that surrounded them. Most hippies lived in communes or squats, and where they lived was usually off the beaten path. They enjoyed the relative anonymity of being away from the normal hustle and bustle of the big city. To them, being apart from everyone and everything outside was a breath of fresh air. In essence, it was a way of life, and a lifestyle, that were much different than what most Americans were practicing at the time.

An Overview

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Looking back on the hippie culture of the 1960s, one can appreciate its significance. One of the biggest influences on hippies, was marijuana. While marijuana was widely used by hippies, it was also a very important part of their lives. From marijuana, the first “potent” drug, to cocaine, heroin and morphine, pot was a huge part of every hippy’s life. So, much so, in fact, that many 60s fashion hippie pictures show drug use, often overdone and often displayed proudly.

60s Hippie Fashion Clothing

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As you can see from the hippie pictures, to the degree that they still are, the 60s fashion hippie style brought about major changes in clothing styles among hippies. People began to wear more elaborate and colorful clothing. Some of the hippies even wore clothes made from old clothing or used pieces to create new clothing for themselves. The 60s fashion hippie style brought about major changes in the fashion industry as a whole.

Some of the designs of those times are very interesting. Long sleeve t-shirts became a staple for many 60s hippies. The logo-embroidered hoodies were also popular for many. There was a definite push towards alternative clothing, away from what was considered “mainstream”. There was an increase in the popularity of leather, hemp, and vinyl. Everything had a hippie influence and was considered alternative.

While many of the 1960s hippies look nostalgia, many of them are also at odds with their younger counterparts. Many of them consider themselves to be smarter than their counterparts. They enjoy criticizing what they see as being superficial and boring. One common topic of discussion for hippies is the materialism in our culture and how it effects us all.

60s fashion hippie clothing is not solely worn by Hippies, but by people who consider themselves to be smarter than the average person. You will often see 1960s style jeans, shirts, and jackets among others adorning the suits and T-shirts of those who are smarter than the hippies. Some of these fashion accessories include beads, sequins, and even rhinestones.

In The End

Most hippies agree that the 1960s fashion styles that were popular did help them, but they did not realize the full scope of what they had helped to create. What they started may have been a fad, but it has become something much larger in scope than just those individuals who wore them. We are all affected by the hippies and the styles they brought into the world, even if we do not understand all of the philosophy behind them. These are some of the reasons why hippies are still considered as one of the most popular and coolest groups of people from a fashion standpoint.

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