Love and Peace: The Hippie Philosophy - Love and Peace: The Hippie Philosophy -

Love and Peace: The Hippie Philosophy

Love and Peace: The Hippie Philosophy

Make Love, Not War Says Hippies’ Notion Of Love And Peace

Hippie Culture developed during the mid 20th century. It was a revolutionary culture born in America. Their motto was love and peace. They were a group of rebellious youngsters. Hippies were an agitated group of youths. They had come to the surface to express their dissent towards war. They wanted to spread peace.

Vision Of Universal Harmony, Love, And Peace

Hippies led a carefree life and did not believe in following the social norms made by communities and religions. They believed that compassion can only bring love and peace in the world. They also believed in sexual freedom and detested the idea of limiting love to just a handful of people. According to them all people in the universe should love each other and let go of any kind of discrimination.

Sexual Freedom and Drugs

Hippies often indulged in open and casual sex. They encouraged the practice of drug intake to experience different realms of consciousness. They believed drugs drew them closer to their spiritual selves. In the initial stages, hippies consumed marijuana and LSD in high amounts and usually remained in the state of tranquillity. They promoted open relationships and casual sex. Hippies discarded the idea of marriage and conditioned committed relationships. They often considered the world as a family and were cordial towards strangers. They believed that we could achieve love and peace only when we live like friends without any hatred or jealousy towards each other.

Inclination Towards Eastern Philosophy And Spirituality

Hippies dressed up flamboyantly, and they had a special taste in music. Highly influenced by eastern ideas of spirituality, they often led a vegetarian life and had compassion towards human beings and animals equally. Buddhism, Hinduism, and Yoga attracted them. Hippies made friends with random people and wandered from places to places. Money was not of much importance for them.

Love and Peace: The Hippie Philosophy
Love and Peace: The Hippie Philosophy

Love And Peace Through Music

The hippies often promoted their ideologies through dance and music. They never hesitated to sing, dance or make love in public. Hippies had a special taste in music and preferred listening to music that migrated them to a different world altogether. Most of them did drugs and listened to psychedelic music which gained popularity during that era.

Did They Really Succeed?

Hippies were basically liberals who wanted an equal society free of conditions and orthodoxy. They believed in spreading love rather than hatred and wanted to develop a unique cult where there was freedom of expression and decision making for oneself. With the passing of the 20th century, Hippie culture lost its aggression mainly due to gradual changes in the social mold of modern society and the side-effects of Hippie culture that took a toll on families. Deaths due to drug overdose, emotional instability and lack of responsibilities were some of the causes that gave birth to a mid-way lifestyle where many followers of the hippie culture started living a stable life but continued to follow the liberal ideas and challenged the orthodox society.

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