Hippie Style – A Look at This Decade

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Hippie style is a clothing style that has been around for many years, but only in the last few years have people really started to notice it. In the early 1960s, hippie clothing was all about loose t-shirts, long pants and sandals. People also wore long hair, black beards and were generally anti-social. There is no longer any need to hide your identity when you dress in hippie style, because everyone will know that you are a hippie. In this article, we will look at how to get the hippie style looking great for the party or outdoor event that you are going to.

The first thing that you need to consider is the color of your hippie style clothing. hippies were known for their colorful clothes, even wearing bright pinks and red’s. However, don’t let the color of your clothes fool you, they are still very wearable. Try wearing a bright green t-shirt under a pink sweater with pink pants; you will turn heads!

An Overview

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hippie style is all about comfort and make up is no exception. hippies didn’t wash very often, so there is nothing to worry about. Your hippie make up should also be very natural looking, and not at all like the over the top, neon colors that most make up companies are famous for. Remember, hippies didn’t wear foundation, and they were very thrifty when it came to cosmetics. So don’t be afraid to use fake eye-shadow and eyeliner, it will still look great!

Hippie style was all about peace and love, and that is why hippie style clothing is all about peace signs and flowers. There are many different kinds of hippie style shirts to choose from, and you can be as creative as you want. Some people wear patches on their arms, others put a flower or animal tattoo on their body. Some people just decide to put a peace sign on their forehead; these are just some ideas for what you can have tattooed on your body.

Hippie Style Facts

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You will see many people in hippie clothing just doing what they want to do, which is to be true to themselves. Some people will be smoking while they are talking on the phone, and others will be reading the paper, and yet others will just be sitting around with their eyes closed, and they will look very peaceful and relaxed. I have seen people do crazy things on the beach, like jump into the water with their surf board between their legs. hippies did crazy things in the past, but we can all do it now. Some people even decided to sell all their hippie jewelry and memorabilia to make a profit, so get ready for a wild market today!

Many times, hippie wear can be purchased from a thrift store, as hippies have been in the forefront of the fashion world in the 1960’s. The music that was played at these concerts was some of the most creative music ever heard, and hippies wore hippie style clothes to support their beliefs. I have seen pictures of hippie style clothes in a bookstore, and they were really funny and unique. You can find anything you could imagine in a thrift store if you spend time there, and they usually have good sales people that will help you find what you are looking for.

Today, many people are still wearing the hippie style, and many others are trying to follow the trends, just to stand out. If you are wearing a hippie style shirt today, chances are that you will be wearing one in the future. Just because it is in style does not mean that it is old fashioned or out of style. Many young people love to dress in this era that is called the 60’s. And many adults look back on this era with fond memories.

Bottom Line

To wear hippie clothing, all you need to do is find an hippie store that sells the stuff you are interested in. Some stores even sell vintage hippie clothes. You will be able to find vintage shirts and even old hippie shoes, but if you are looking for newer designs, you will have to go to a store that sells hippie clothing. I am sure that you can find any type of hippie clothing that you are looking for to fit into your hippie style. You should always try to incorporate the clothes that you wear into the hippie lifestyle.

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