Hippie Movement Drugs: Why Do People Use Them

hippie movement drugs

Hippie movement drugs were a primary part of the lifestyle during the early days of the Hippie movement. Many people believe the term Hippie comes from the flower called the hippo. However, there is no direct relation to the flower of the word hippie. The flower Hippia comes from a Greek word that means harmony. It is most likely related to the flower, also known as lupine.

The word Hippie comes from the term Hippie sandwich. People associated the movement with the sit-in and wear-sitting lifestyle of this group. Many who joined the Hippie movement were actually homeless or working on farms. They were traveling from city to city by bicycle in order to meet other like-minded individuals who shared their common goals.

Hippie Movement Drugs

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The Hippie movement was eventually classified as a drug movement. Drugs such as marijuana and hashish were often found at parties and were openly talked about. Many believed that these drugs created happiness and freedom for those who experimented with them. Many believed that they were happier than others who did not use these drugs.

Many people would try to convince that this was a religion. One writer claimed that the Hippies even believed in reincarnation. Some even believed that the movement was a form of organized crime and that those who belonged were said to have become ‘Zealots.’ These stories are just fanciful and were never taken seriously by the Hippies.

The drugs that were taken during the hippie movement were not very hard to acquire. You could walk into any drug store and find a variety of drugs. There were also many dealers who were willing to sell you anything. In fact, many dealers became very good at getting people to buy drugs for them. Some of them would even set up houses where they allowed customers to stay and smoke pot while they waited for their turn to purchase drugs.

A Much Ado

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Even though most of the drugs were marijuana, hashish, and ecstasy, it is still possible to get any of these drugs without having to become a hippie. Today, you still see many people who believe that they had taken marijuana and are high when in fact, they had just smoked pot. They think they are high when they have a few drinks. This is called ‘alcohol withdrawal’ and is perfectly legal in most states. It is very easy to become addicted to alcohol and marijuana. If you use them over a period of time, you will develop a tolerance for the drug, and it will be easier to obtain them.

In addition to the drugs that the hippie movement took, it also encouraged healthy lifestyles. Many people were encouraged to eat healthier and to exercise. Many of them became very fit and became what they called ‘Masters.’ People who became a ‘master’ were able to move into the highly respected professions of law, medicine, and business and enjoy a great deal of wealth.

Bottom Line

When you take into consideration all of the drugs, foods, and lifestyles that were practiced during the hippie movement, it becomes clear that it was more than just a drug culture. The hippie movement had a huge social impact on our country. It gave us a lot of knowledge about how to live. If we would have taken all the information that we gained from the hippie movement into consideration, we might all be living a much different lifestyle today. However, it appears that by today’s standards, using drugs and hippie fashion to self-medicate doesn’t really make much sense at all.

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