Hippie Movement Begins – Find Out How The Movement Helps

hippie movement begins

Movement is a campaign usually for a certain change in society, a social cause or to achieve a goal. This is carried out by a large group of people to change a social law or to attain objection.  Compared to earlier movements modern movement in society involves a larger number of people very rapidly with the use of technology and the internet. Many movements have taken place in the world. In this article, we would talk about the hippie movement which originated in the United States.

The Motive of the Hippie Movement

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It was against the restrictions which were imposed in middle-class society. This movement promoted openness and tolerance, non-violence and love for every person. The Hippies were also called the flower children because of their popular phrase “Make love, not war.”  Hippie arrived from the word ‘hip’ as these people were unaware of what was going on in the world, they were busy living their life on their terms and conditions. Hippie is a term for a young person who rejects the mores of society in a non-violent way.

Belief of Hippies

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They were apart from society as they thought that they were dominated by materialism and repression. Hippies liked to have long hair and unusual dresses with odd colors. Along with women, men also wear sandals and beads. They did not do their usual studies or jobs. They often did their irregular work or businesses. They commonly sought spiritual guidance from sources outside the Christian tradition. 

Failure of Hippie Movement

Many people began to hate hippies as some of them were annoying, they often practice sinful and unvalued things. Also, most of them were addicted to drugs.  Hippies believed in making fun of the government. The movement was ended between 1970-1973. This did not think about the disadvantages of living alone apart from the government. Gradually, hippies get to know the importance of necessities in life like having a job and money which ended the movement. The Vietnam War was a major cause that the hippies opposed. By the year 1975, the war ended and so the movement.


There is another important perspective of the Hippie movement that most people tend to talk about and that is the difference between Bohemian and hip fashion. The Bohemian fashion is unconventional and focuses on expressing oneself while hippie is connected with the idea of Bohemian with the free-spirited perspective and there is no particular tradition for them to follow. Hippies and Bohemians both are romantic and have a wandering lifestyle but on the other hand, we have Boho Chic describing a certain style including ethnic-inspired accessories and both the styles focus on distancing their fashion from the mainstream fashion. 


This hippie movement had a significant effect on society. Hippies were often known as criminals subversive to morals. The attitudes of those people posed a negative effect on society. Although it had some positive impact also as after the movement Americans did not consider sex as a taboo and they treated every people poor or rich with equal respect.

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