Hippie Leaders of the Hippie Movement

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There was a famous interview with one of the leaders of the Hippie movement, Jerry Lee Lewis. In this he discusses how he got his ideas about freedom and peace. He said; “I guess I am a peace person. I don’t see anybody as having to be peacemakers. You see people are not peacemakers, they’re negotiators.”

This is a great philosophy and it certainly applies in all walks of life. We must all learn to be peacemakers if we are to live peaceably among others and maintain relationships with all people around us. The hippie movement teaches that each person has the right to do what they feel is right with their own bodies and that no one has the right to tell them otherwise. The leaders of the hippie movement were open about their drug use, even though most of them did not use or do drugs themselves. They had a huge impact on the counterculture as well as the general public.

An Overview

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When you consider the impact that the leaders of the hippie movement had on the counterculture, you can see why they are still popular today. People young and old still identify with the values that the Hippie movement stands for. Even if the hippie movement is no longer in existence, there is still a place in our society for what it represents. It is a part of our culture now and continues to influence our world today.

What is also interesting to note is that even though many hippies have become successful and have families of their own, they continue to practice their original values. The original Hippie principles of free love and the sharing of things are still very important to people today. Although the hippies may have gone away from the scene and have left no evidence of their existence, the influence they brought to the counterculture lives on. This is because a part of those hippies took it upon themselves to help create a better society and influence people to think differently.

Hippie Leaders And Their Movement

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Even though many people from our generation have taken part in the hippie movement, you will find that many people of other generations will still be able to identify with the principles of the hippies stood for. People like Bob Marley, Huey Lewis, and others have created a type of music and clothing called “Hippie Slaves” that inspires people all over the world. In the beginning of the hippie movement, people wore this clothing and jewelry and thought it was really cool. However, you will find that many hippies began to change their clothing to avoid being identified with the movement. However, this didn’t stop them from wearing these unique clothes. If anything, it only made their style more popular.

The reason the hippie movement became a part of the counter culture is because they wanted to express themselves and get their message across. The music that the Hippies listened to was a way for them to express what they felt was important to them. It spoke to them when they were growing up, and it continues to do so even today. Many people from the counter culture used the music and the clothing to make themselves feel better or to rebel against things in society they didn’t agree with. While some Hippies did start to get arrested, many more followed the example of Don Philips and Jerry Lee Lewis to become free agents without a sentence.

Bottom Line

Today, the hippie culture lives on. There is still a lot of hippie art and clothing. They are still gathering around concerts and events. If you are looking for a great vacation or a way to make a difference in the world, look into the 1960s counterculture movement and see if you don’t think you would like to join.

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