Hippie Costume: Let Peace And Love Rule

hippy costume

Simple ideas are often the best ones. This well-known adage applies to everything in life. Naturally, it is also very relevant to wearing costumes at the next party you will be attending, and yes, we are all referring to Hippie costumes. You know, those costumes that let you show how much peace and love are inside you.

This look was made famous in the late 1960s and throughout the 1970s. Although there is nothing luxurious or grand about the various articles of clothing that you can use, this fad has become very famous and is sometimes even worn casually by people nowadays. Here are some of the hippie costume ideas that you might want to get for your next party.

The Peasant Top or Dress

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Some hippies in the past were against commercialism and buying something new for things that they did not need. Fashion was one of those, and that may be the reason why they came up with ‘peasant’ dresses and shirts. These are plain colored cotton blouses that are light, breezy, and easy to clean. Who’d have thought that their principle against fashion would become a well-loved statement years later?

Micro Minis and Flowing Skirts

If they were not wearing a dress, you would see them pair their tops with floral skirts which reach the ankles or really short, skimpy ones. The 70s was actually the time when different skirt lengths became very famous: the mini, midi, and maxi.

Bell-bottom Pants, Trouser Suits

Women are also breaking away from the convention at this time, hence, the pants. Although the fad started in the 60s, more and more women were wearing a pair of trousers mainly because of comfort. Note that hippies lived outdoors for long periods of time, and these were a favorite. Bell bottoms were big in this decade, so you will see this legendary pair of pants in most costume ensembles online.

Earthy Hues and Foreign Styles

One of the reasons why hippie costumes were simple was because of the hippie’s love for nature and their constant requirement to be one with it. Traditional styles from other countries like kimonos and caftans became big at the time also, though no one can really explain this fashion boom. Sure, you will find some of the costume ensembles for sale nowadays to have bright, neon colors. However, if you want to be realistic, you might want to go for earthy hues.

The Peace Sign Pendant

And earrings and rings and eyeglasses were all very famous in the 70s and are surely an integral part of the hippie costume. You should also have a band or a garland of flowers around your head or neck. 

Besides all those requirements which will make your Hippie costume look genuine, you also have to act the part. Practice the simple sways and grooves that people in that era used to do. Listen to the music that famous artists used to play. All these will help you look like your dad, mom, or even a grandparent back in the 70s and relive the peaceful and love-filled Woodstock days. You’ll make your hippie costume shine with peace and love.

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