Dress Like Hippie Festival Clothing

hippie festival clothing

Hippie dresses are multi-colored that give an attractive and unique look to the one wearing them. Hippies were members of the countercultural movement that rejected the mainstream American lifestyle during the 1960s and 1970s. 

During the 60s, the fashion of hippies highlighted bright-colored, huge button and knee-high boot costumes. From the 1970s, a new vibrant countercultural blossomed, which was embraced chiefly by young people worldwide.

With the hippie philosophy, there was a flow of fabrics of warm color and beaded accessories. Here are some styles provided to provide you with a perfect hippie look.

1. Early 60s Look

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Try projecting on a bouffant style dress for an early 1960s look, which was prevalent at that time. The bouffant style highlights a tight knee-length dress in the top, then puffs out at the waist. You can pair this look with a beehive, and you get adapted to the hip early-’60s look. In order to find this style of dress, you need to search vintage shops or costume stores.

2. Male Hippie Look

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Men can revive the hippie fashion style by wearing a long-haired wig. Although this wig is for short hair guys, men with long hair can wear them down. If you want a contrasting look, pair some ripped and torn jeans with an open, bottom-up shirt and cool aviator shades. You can relish producing your peaceful message to the party by flashing the peace sign.

3. Boy Band

In order to have a boy band look of the early 60s from the hippie festival clothing, you need to think of the dressing style of The Beatles. It would be best if you put on a simple, collarless black suit with a white shirt underneath. You can try a simple bowl-cut hairstyle and purchase fake instruments easily available in local costume shops. To create the perfect boy band looks, it would be great to partner up with three other guys.

4. Female Hippie Look

Not only boys, but girls can even flaunt this hippie look easily. Put on a tank top and a vest with fringe and wear them with some ripped and worn bell-bottom jeans. You can also style yourself wearing a long flowing skirt with a tank top. It would be best if you let your hair flow naturally and can add a few small braids. For a more authentic style, put a daisy on your hair with aviator shades.

5. Body Art Hippie Look

Body art is most commonly seen in hippies. If you already have tattoos on your body, then you can easily fit into this look. In contrast, one who doesn’t have any tattoo but is comfortable with body paint and a bikini can have this iconic look. With the help of a friend, paint peace symbols and anti-war slogans all over your body. You can put on a basic bikini with a bright and solid color.


The hippie festival clothing fashion still influences wardrobes, with which you can give a different touch of style throughout your daily routine. You need to try one of these hippie festival clothing costume ideas, and you’ll look like an image from the past if you are having a 1960s-themed party coming up.

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