Diversity In The Classroom – What Should You Expect From Government

diversity in the classroom

Diversity in the Classroom could be achieved effectively by having better strategic partnerships in the educational system. A strategic partnership is the partnering of two or more sets of people working towards a similar goal. The involvement of different minds and their contributions would make the present conditions of education far better. The partnerships between each person do the same thing. But, the process of setting up good partnerships and making partnerships work smoothly is a task that needs to be executed with analysis and caution. 

A Part of The Sustainable Development Goals

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The inauguration of the SDG was done in the 2016 Summit and the goals were further highlighted in the summit that happened in 2018 that laid the base for the foundation of indigenous learning. SDG has helped in the communication process due to the centralized framework as people across the globe can be asked for help by the department without any difficulty. The project has created global awareness by the formation of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) that has 9000 business participants and 4000 non-business participants to help others in emergencies. Corporate sustainability is demonstrated by UNGC and a practical framework for businesses to implement SDG practices uniformly. 

Example – English Language Learning

English language learning for indigenous children focuses on improving the English literacy among the Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander preschool children and these children have English as a second or subsequent language. The goal of this concept is to focus on improving the English literacy outcomes for these children and it is done with the support of the Australian government’s commitment to closing the gap in literacy achievement.

First Step In Australia

People from across the globe can contribute to the ELLIC program by submitting case studies on various topics, researching different and varied topics and submit the research results on the website, share updates and people can take reference from other researches to have an insight about the type of articles required by the project. The future of the project is attractive and at the same time attainable. Australian organizations have shown keen attention towards the development of the country in every possible way. The different programs run by the government in partnership with various companies and NGOs help the needy people to gain the essential livelihood along with quality education to secure the prospects of the country and the individuals.


People can play their part in the sustainable development program by contributing whatever they can. They can send unwanted items of clothing, extra food, and other resources so that these can be provided to the people who need them. People can also volunteer to associate with the project and can impart their knowledge in a fun and attractive manner to the tribal people. The educator training can be done with the help of an application created by the program for an easy association of learned people to the program. Committees are formed that are devoted to the development of ranged resources to complement the application-based activities to avoid any hurdles to the process of learning.

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