9 Ways To Protect Kids From Consumerism And Its Importance

9 Ways To Protect Kids From Consumerism And Its Importance

We all need social acceptance and we want people to think we’re “cool.” Consumerism is one quick way to being cool. So it’s no big surprise that consumerism is a ground-breaking driver for us as human beings. It isn’t so much that we just need to be acknowledged yet that we believe we should be acknowledged. In our present consumerist society, and particularly as children, social acknowledgment and material things are very important.

But too much consumerism is not very good for us. Materialistic individuals have been known to be less liberal, less pleasant, more averse to help other people, less happy with their lives, less happy with their employment, and less mindful about the earth. Materialistic children also find it difficult at school.

So what can be done to protect our children from too much consumerism?

Cure Not Feeling Cool To Cure Consumerism

Is your child stressed over not being cool? Ask them carefully, why they believe it’s needed to be cool in school. Frequently it comes down to “the cool kids have more best-friends.” Ask your child for what valid reason they like their best friends. Is it accurate to say that they are caring, interesting, do they like to play with them, do they offer or cheer them up? Get them to record the appropriate responses.

Finally, let them know that these are the same reasons why other children will like them. Also, let them know that it doesn’t make a difference what number of friends they have, it’s how close they are, that is important.

9 Ways to Protect Kids from Consumerism and Why It's Important
9 Ways To Protect Kids From Consumerism And Its Importance

Don’t Let The Ads Get To Them

Shield your kids from advertisements! Lessening TV time has advantages, particularly with small children. They will have better sleep patterns, rest longer, and have a better cheerier mood. It can feel difficult to change away from TV watching when the family is accustomed to watching it a lot. But think of other fun activities you can do in your free time. A few ideas are:

  • Riddles
  • Artworks
  • Physical games or Tests
  • Dancing
  • Singing

Superstars’ Influence On Fuelling Consumerism

Superstars (and that includes Winnie the Pooh and Mickey Mouse) can impact children to need certain things. Get them to address why they like the superstars they do. Considering superstars as role-models is only natural for children. But it’s important to urge our children to utilize their own energy and creativity to practice their interests, instead of buying the next “cool” thing endorsed by their favorite superstar.

The Smartphone Solution

Cell phones are the ideal gadget to spread industrialism and discontent. Instagram, specifically, is causing discouragement since it shows your children exciting ways of life, making them feel the second rate, on edge and discontent with their own “genuine” lives.

9 Ways To Protect Kids From Consumerism And Its Importance
9 Ways To Protect Kids From Consumerism And Its Importance

Be that as it may, forbidding technology entirely may not be the best response. It’s essential to encourage your children to be responsible with technology just as seriously as with liquor. Both are addictive. Show them by being their role models. Try not to go through hours on your telephone and make an effort to create family time.

Converse with your kids about telephone dependence, about how web-based social networking can make you feel, cyberbullying and sexting.

Set Shopping Expectations

Choose as a family what number of garments and toys you’re OK with having in the house and afterward actualize a one-in/one-out framework.

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