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Hippie Clothing has been around since the early sixties. The label was founded by Robert “cloth puppeter” Neil Alden. He believed that the world was moving toward a more natural lifestyle and wanted to create clothing that would reflect that attitude. Hippie clothing tended to be relaxed and made from natural fibers such as hemp and cotton. People grew their hair long, eschewing fussy styling and products (though, contrary to popular opinion, they didn’t always wash their face very well).

People were wearing clothes to express themselves. They wanted to get away from the rules of society. Music was an important part of that lifestyle. By the end of the sixties, people were talking about ” Hippie” fashion and expressing their solidarity with the hippie movement. Hippie clothing included colorful sunflowers, stripes, animal prints, hemp and leggings.

Hippie clothing continued to grow in popularity throughout the seventies and the eighties. The hippie flag symbol was very popular. People were wearing shirts with hippie symbols on them. T-shirts, jeans and dresses with hippie themes were also in demand. By the late sixties, hippie fashion had really come into its own.

In the early days, hippie clothing had a very laid back look. It was comfortable and casual. Men wore leather jackets, long hair and beads. Women wore long skirts, no-makeup make-up and lots of animal jewelry.

Hippie jewelry was very popular. People wore hemp bracelets, hemp necklaces and hemp earrings. Hemp, which is very cheap to grow, was abundant in those days and so everybody used hemp clothing. In the eighties, hippie clothing began to change.

Hip hop was big then and so was psychedelic clothing. People liked to wear bright colors and bold designs. Soon, jeans were coming back and hippie clothing became more casual. Still, it remained cool to wear clothes that were colored pink or blue. Lots of people were wearing yellow and orange.

Then, as the fashion trends changed again, hippie clothing began to become more fashionable. People were wearing jeans, shirts with flower patches on them and vintage glasses. Then, they started wearing more modern clothes. Before long, hippie clothing had evolved again. This time, the clothes looked more sophisticated, elegant, and extremely hip.

Final Words

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There are many styles of hippie clothing available. The most popular hippie clothing includes T-shirts, hoodies, jeans, tracksuits and jackets. There are also shoes and accessories for hippies to wear. With all these great options, hippies are sure to look great and feel great when they are dressed up in their clothing!

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