Bringing Back 60s Hippie Culture To Change Your Life

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Curious to know about 60s hippie culture? And want to learn all about the hippie movement? Look here! The hippie culture reached its height during the rise of U.S. involvement in Vietnam and consequently subsided as a close conflict. 8th March 1965, two U.S. battalion Marines landed on Da Nang beach, recognizing the first official engagement in the Vietnam War of American troops. With the elimination of the United States, it is an unfortunate engagement in that conflict. Hundreds & thousands of Americans gathered in mass protests all over the country, outraged and repulsed by the horrifying bloodshed that is taking place in Southeast Asia.

60s Hippie Culture

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Hippies were a white, middle-class teenagers group and twentysomethings related to what demographers call the generation of baby-boom. They felt disaffected from middle-class society, which was dominated by repression and materialism.

Hippies have their own different lifestyles, whereby they made sense of marginality. They have experimented with cooperative or communal living arrangements and often adopted veggie diets based on practised holistic medicine and unprocessed foods.

Hippies were pop up for their different and unique lifestyle, favouring casual and long hair, unconventional dress in “psychedelic” Colors. Some males grew beards, and men & women wore beads and sandals.

Among women, long flowing granny dresses were popular, and rimless glasses for men & women both.

It was important for earlier urban dwellers who performed semi-subsistence farming in rural areas. Hippies are intended to drop them out from societies, forgoing regular careers and jobs, though some developed small businesses that gratify other hippies.

Some critics examined that hippies had the benefit of being able to “check out” remarks and society on the inconsistency of hippies’ involvement in the Civil Rights Movement, whereas Black Americans were combating for the right to participate in the society.

Hippies encourage love and nonviolence; a famous phrase is “Make love, not war”, and sometimes they were called ” Flower children” for that.

They encouraged tolerance and openness as alternatives to the regimentation and restrictions they watched in middle-class society.

Hippies frequently practise open sexual relationships & endure in several kinds of family groups.

They universally sought spiritual guidance from Judeo-Christian tradition, an outside source, specifically Hinduism, Buddhism, and various other Eastern religions, and sometimes in different combinations.

Hippies promoted the utilization of hallucinogenic drugs, mainly LSD & marijuana, in so-called head trips, advocating the practice with the means of expanding consciousness.

Drugs were usually given for traversing the “hippie trail”. From 1957 to 1978, around 10,000 people from western Europe and the United States have travelled overland through Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, or Greece to India, Morocco, Turkey, Iran, Nepal, or Afghanistan.

Talking about drugs, they sought adventure, exoticism and enlightenment.

Conclusion On 60s Hippie Culture

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In all 60s, the hippie culture encouraged love and nonviolence and had a different lifestyle. So, if you also like vibrant colour dresses, then adopt 60s hippie culture.

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