Books About The Hippie Movement And The Beat Generation

books about the hippie movement

Books about the Hippie Movement are popular for a number of reasons. The music is unique, the images are colorful and whimsical, and the lyrics are pure and straight-forward. In addition to all these positives, though, the books are also written in an engaging style, offer great historical perspectives about the era, and offer interesting alternative facts that you might not find in other sources. Some of these books are available as eBooks, while others are hardback editions that are just as valuable as the book itself.

A great book on hippie movement would have to include some of the many great book reviews that you can find in bookstores. That way, you would know what critics think about a new album cover or song. If you are a music fan who wants to delve deeper into the world of popular music, you will want to read the reviews. Some of them might be biased, but you will get the impression anyway. Just do a quick search online for book reviews on popular books. There are many to choose from.

Another book about the hippie movement is called The Complete Guide to the Hippie Movement by Dr. Leary. This is an amazing non-fiction book about the early days of the hippie movement, which came to an end with the arrest of its leader, Bob Dylan. As you read this classic book, you get a clear picture of the dynamic nature of the early years of the counterculture and how it harnessed the power of change through humor and irreverent behavior.

Another great book on the subject is Don’t Cry by Richard R. Powell. This non-fiction book about the infamous pranks performed by the hippies at the Woodstock music festival in 1969 is entertaining and informative. These stories are often told through interviews with prominent members of the movement. Although these conversations took place almost forty years ago, you can still hear their voices. This is an unforgettable historical glimpse of what happened at that time.

Another interesting book about the pranks performed by the hippies is A Year of Living Green. This book talks about the crazy pranks that the hippies performed during those days, like the egg carrying race. It talks about why they did it, as well as what they thought would happen. This is an interesting look at what really happened at those legendary concerts. You learn why some of them were abandoned by the crowd after they failed to amuse anyone. This book is full of colorful examples of how the pranks were really performed.

Last Words

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The last book about the hippie movement that you should check out is a book about the most influential and popular albums in the sixties and seventies by the name of the Beat generation. This book takes an in depth look at all the most famous and influential albums from the time period, including Hey Jude, Blowin’ In The Wind, Please Me, and A Day In The Life. It takes a long and somewhat tedious look at the development of rock and roll through the years, as well as the influence of artists like Bob Dylan and John Lennon. This is a really interesting book, that take a long time to tell, but it is very entertaining and quite informative as well.

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