All About Hippie Movement Music

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A Hippie is a young person who rejects the idea of mainstreams in dress, and appearance sense set by the society and follow the opposite of what is expected by them.

Similarly, the hippie movement which is the happening of the above in mass, and which helps a person you ignore the standards of the society and make their own.

Hippie Movement

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Hippies use music to convey feelings that give them a direction to revolve around the music. They love the sound and music culture and would depend on how the music has shaped their thoughts. This movement’s development finds its roots in the United States, which was a youth movement started in the early 1960s, that then developed and spread around the globe.

This movement stands for the spread of nonviolence and love. A popular phrase that came to light through this movement was, “Make love, not war,” which earned these people the name, “Flower children.”

Hippie Music

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The hippie considered both folk and rock as an integral part of their culture. Music is a culture that suits them. Music is used to convey thoughts, emotions and inner feelings as they are considered as a part of human culture and their emotions. One of the most famous groups which are associated with this hippie culture is the Beatles. Many instruments became a part of this hippie music culture like the Jew’s harp, the Indian tanpura, and other string instruments.

More about Hippie

Though the hippie movement was started against the war involving Vietnam, and therefore it lost its basis with the end of the war.

The purpose of this movement was to bring light to the Vietnam war so that the United States back out of the war. Their famous phrase, which people still use, was, “Make love, not war.”

They are often referred to as the “flower children,” because they believed in getting things done in a harmonious and violence-free manner. Finally, we can conclude by saying that to understand the culture, one needs to be close to the culture and get involved, until one gets involved there is no way to understand it completely.

But this group is more known for breaking the mainstream ideas of the society in a very peaceful and nonviolent way. They remain a group spreading more love and nonviolence in the world of war.


Though hippie culture is something that everyone might have come across still not many people are aware of what exactly was the reason behind starting this movement and the background of this culture.

This group is more than breaking the social norms and standards which people are not aware of. People call a person a hippie, who tries to break free of the preset standards of society but they know less that the group is more about spreading peace, love, and nonviolence.

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