60s Hippie Costume Ideas – Try This For Your Halloween This Time

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A hippie is a member of the counterculture of the 60s which is originally a youth movement that began in the US during the mid-60s and spread to other countries around the world. The word hippie came from the hipster and was used to describe the beatniks. The hippie costume is a costume different from the western values and culture they are The colorful costume worn by people around the world. These costumes are very trendy and to create them there are many 60s hippie costume ideas available.

How To Dress Like A Hippie

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For a costume or theme party, 60s hippie costume ideas can be a great option. The ways to dress like a hippie are:

Hair –  60s hippies have long hair, and to recreate them one can use wigs. Also, long-long locks hair can be another hairstyle idea to look like a hippie. Hippies love showing off their long hairs.

Headware – hippies used to wear a tiara made up of natural flowers and if one wants to recreate that look, then they can pluck some flowers from gardens and add them either on a thin stem to make a tiara or directly on your hairs, that will be an easy, pretty, and simple way to wear a headwear like a hippie.

Shirt – to have a carefree look like a hippie, one must try wearing a white blouse with flowing sleeves which is also known as bell sleeves, or a plain white long sleeve shirt. Or one can even try wearing crazy printed shirts. 

Pants – one can go for wearing brown color pants, jeans with patterns, or bright colors whichever suits your costume. One can also go for flared jeans.

Shoes – to properly look like a hippie one must try going barefoot if it’s safe to do so but, if it’s not then, one must try wearing boots or a pair of brown sandals.

Accessories – To complete the hippie’s look, one can even their masks, glasses, earrings, necklaces, headpieces, and much more.

Hippie Costume Ideas For Children 

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60s hippie costume ideas for children are:

For girls – they can wear floral print tops or shirts and pair them up with flared jeans, brown sandals, and headbands.

Four boys – they can wear blue flared denim jeans with crazy printed T-shirts with a leather half-sleeves jacket over it, and printed headbands with glasses.

Last-Minute Hippie Costume Ideas

For a themed party, 60s hippie costume ideas are in trend and some last-minute costume ideas are:

With the help of charts or colorful papers, one can create different headbands to look unique.

Instead of wearing flared pants, one can even try wearing white long socks with a brown skirt or brown shorts with brown sandals.

A black T-shirt with blue flared jeans along with blue and white sneakers can also be a good alternative to the brown color.

For accessories, one can wear colorful chokers with big earrings and bold colored lipsticks.


60s hippie costume ideas are in trend these days. There are many different and unique DIY ideas to recreate that look, but a must-to-do in hippies costume is long hair with a colorful costume.

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