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3 Ways to Dress Like a Hippie 60s Fashion

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The Hippie movement of the 60s advocated love and peace with its deep involvement in the music scene, focus on the environment, and nonconforming stand to middle-class society’s consumerism. Another thing that makes Hippies stand out is their impact on fashion. Hippie 60s Fashion is still trendy nowadays, and even if you are merely looking for some costume or would like to overhaul your wardrobe for a ultimate new you, here are three ways for you to start.

Clothes and Shoes

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Generally, hippies like to wear loose-fitting or flowy tops in tie-dyes or earth tones, such as tan, brown, or green. They popularized the use of brighter colors, too, but this only came later in the 1970s. For ladies’ undergarments, you can use cotton bras with no underwires or padding. You can also skip on the bra altogether for a genuine yet daring expression of freedom. Skirts come in either floor-length or mini, typically with floral, animal-print, or paisley patterns. For pants, go for the 60s signature denim bell-bottoms or loose-cut jeans made with crushed velvet or corduroy. If you want to upgrade your style, you can add a vest or a fringe jacket. You have several options for footwear, too, since you can choose between leather sandals, moccasins, and boots for extremely cold weathers. If you feel like going all-out with your Hippie style, skip the footwear and walk around on your bare foot..


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Since Hippies are digging the all-natural look and style, make sure to wear minimal to zero makeup. Just some lightly applied eyeliner and nude color lipstick will work just fine. Even perfumes or artificial fragrances are not deemed necessary, but you can use essential oils, like a sandalwood-scented one, if you want. Hairstyles are equally uncomplicated in the Hippie style as long as you maintain its full volume. Let it grow and wear naturally. You can wear a colorful scarf in place of headbands. Decorate your accessories with beads, garlands of flowers, or braided leather or cord. If something is still missing, make sure to add the peace sign on your style in the form of a patch, embroidery, or a pendant.

DIY Style

If you are jumping into Hippie 60s Fashion, it is also essential to know where you can get clothes and accessories since you’re looking for the old brands. Do a research on which brands were famous in the 60s and locate those for a more authentic Hippie style. Make sure to look out for vintage or thrift stores, garage or estate sales, and flea markets. With a little internet search and creativity, you can also tie-dye your clothes and make your jewelry. It is also helpful to learn sewing and embroidery to hippie-fy your existing wardrobe. If you are looking for a fashion inspiration, you can browse the internet for photos of a 60s icon to imitate and understand their styles.

Hippie 60s Fashion is perfectly aligned with their ideologies, making their style trendy, easy to wear, and certainly a way of life.

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