10 Interesting Facts About Hippie Movement Meaning

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The Hippie movement meaning is a countercultural movement in which youth rejected the mainstream of American life. This movement first started among college students who were against counterculture and rejected their parent’s cultural standards, especially concerning racial secrets, women’s rights, sexual mores, the Vietnam War, and materialism. 

According to the media of the 1960s, when the Hippie movement just started, the Hippie movement meant a community of young people who are drug addicts, have free sex with multiple partners openly, deal with teen pregnancy, etc. So let’s know some facts about the meaning of the hippie movement. 

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10 Interesting Facts About Hippie Movement Meaning

  • The hippie movement originated as a youth movement in the mid-1960s in Britain and the United States. 
  • The ‘hippie’ in the hippie movement meant a group of young people in jeans, T-shirts with long hair. They all came together to protest against the Vietnam War. The word ‘hippie’ was first used by A Chronicle Journalist Herb Caan of San Francisco. 
  • The word hippie in the hippie movement came from the word hipster Or hip. These words were used to describe someone who was part of the war scene. The word is used by beatniks. The hippie movement means “to know,” so “hip” is someone that “understands” who is wise. 
  • The people of the hippie movement never called themselves hippies. Instead, they preferred calling themselves fine people. 
  • As the hippie movement began to emerge, the media tried their best to portray them as negatively as possible. Even the media call them poverty, drug deaths, an anti-war movement, teen pregnancy. The media call them a group that is trying to split the country. 
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  • Sex for hippies has always been something noncommittal and spontaneous. If anyone in the group is attracted to someone and their conditions are right, they can have sex. The sex can happen anywhere, in a minibus, in the woods, at a festival, anywhere else they feel. Free love was evident in the community where the hippies shared sex openly. 
  • One of the problems of this free sex among the hippie community is teenage pregnancy and venereal diseases. 
  • A hippie movement means that you have a minibus or Volkswagen bus. The community often uses old school buses, which are turned into homes for hippies. The cars were painted with psychedelic patterns, bright colors. Most often depicting peace symbols, flowers, landscape, mystical symbols. 
  • Hippies are big-time foodies; they like to try various cuisines of the world. But hippies were biased towards vegetarian food. Moreover, they prefer food items that are less inexpensive such as vegetable dishes, soups, salad, and desserts. 
  • Hippies helped pass laws regulating organic farming. Credits will go in the bank of hippies that organic farming is considered mainstream in the United States. 


These were ten interesting facts about the meaning of the hippie movement and their culture. Before finishing this article on the hippie movement’s meaning. Let me tell you one interesting fact that popular people like Steve Jobs, John Lennon, and Jimmie Hendrix were also included among Hippies

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